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The association birth

Pace Now it was formally born in 1998 from both the initiative of a group of friends in Bologna and the impulse of Senator Giovanni Bersani.


In particular, three events gave the opportunity for the association birth:



  1. the systematic participation, from 1980 onwards, to the "International Dialogue Meetings" organized every year in Caux (Switzerland) by the "Initiatives et Changement" movement;
  2. a series of contacts in Jerusalem with both Israelis and Palestinians and the close friendship with Father Bruno Hussar who founded Nevè Shalom;
  3. a series of initiatives in Africa, developed in the second half of the 80s as a mediation of conflicts between neighboring states (eg Ethiopia and Eritrea) or states with serious internal problems (Somalia, Angola, ...).


The name

Peace Now is the name of an international movement promoted in Jerusalem - in the 1980s, while the contrasts between Israel and the Palestinians were more commun - by exponents looking for dialogue and engaged in actions of reconciliation and peace.


It also had a concrete response in "Nevé Shalom - Wahat as Salaam" (Hill of Peace), a village near Jerusalem, a tangible example of the possible peaceful coexistence of different faiths and traditions, created by the Dominican father "Bolognese" Bruno Hussar.


To our participation in these experiences the reference of "Now" has been added, a magazine that for 30 years, until 1965, expressed the austere and masterly thought of Don Mazzolari, a beacon for generations of believers determined to witness their social and democratic commitment with concrete action.


Thus, in Bologna - with distant roots and experiences gained over the years with multiple national and international contacts - the association "Pace adesso - Peace Now" was born, then formalized in ONLUS in 2001.

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