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2013 - 2014 implementation of fish farms in Patiko

In December 2012 a group of Italian volunteers from Bologna, allowed the building of a fish pond in Patiko, in the Dero Farmers Association (DFA) lands. After a year of profitable activity of the first pond, the building of a second one was decided with the purpose to increment the farm profit by amortizing the operating costs. 
In the first pond the bred fish are Tilapie, while in the second catfish. Since there are few fish farm near Gulu and none in Patiko, the farm products are highly demanded and they also are useful both for the local feeding and the DFA members. 
The maintenance activities of the ponds are borne by DFA under the supervision of Jacob Awachango and the fishing activities are carried out by a group of young people with the aim of offering them a job in which they can acquire new technical and management skills. In addition, the sale of fish allows the DFA to diversify its investment. 


The project has been designed by Peace Now in collaboration with the Ugandan association Dero Farmers which was founded in 2008 and legally registered in 2009 as Ugandan association working in the support of local community. The association is located 22 km from Gulu city, in Gulu district, County Aswa, Sub County Patiko, Kal Parish, Omoti Sub Parish.
The association carries out agricultural activities of corn cultivation, soy and sunflower in addition to the fish farm. These activities support the most vulnerable people of the community as elderly and orphans by guaranteeing them a regular nutrition. Besides, others awareness-raising-activities on how to prevent the HIV spread are also carried out. 
Currently the association is made up of 20 members divided as follows:  
  • 15 man of which 13 young (17 to 35 years) and 2 elderly (more than 55 years)
  • 5 women of which 2 young (17 to 35 years) and 3 elderly (more than 55 years old)


The project take place in Uganda 32 km form Gulu city, Gulu district County Aswa, Sub County Patiko, Kal Parish, Omoti Sub Parish Google Maps  

Implementation period

  • December 2012 - March 2013: first pond building
  • November 2014: fishing in the first pond
  • December 2014 - March 2014: second pond building
  • February 2015: fishing in both ponds

Project managers


January 2013
Pace Now made a € 1,200 bank transfer to the Dero Farmers Association (DFA). The young people of the DFA have cleaned the area from grass and shrubs and performed the excavation work necessary to give the ponds the correct shape and the right depth. The final size of the pond is 30x15m.
April 2013
The waterproofing and fencing of the pond ready to be filled has been completed. The staff of the DFA proceeded with the help of a consultant to purchase the fry that will be introduced into the pond. 
June 2013
The pond was filled and the Tilapia fry were put into the water. The agronomist of S. Isidoro farm Valerio Rizzo visited the fish farm and was very impressed by the progress of the work and the commitment of the people who were following the project. 
August 2013
Following three days of uninterrupted rain, the pond underwent a heavy flooding that caused the death of many fishes. The workers of the DFA did not let themselves be discouraged and they immediately repaired the walls damaged by the water allowing to continue the breeding of the remaining fish and fry. 
October 2013
100 kg of fish were sold to local schools. The selling price was 5'000 Ugandian skis per kg. 
November 2013
Saturday, November 3, a group of three Peace Now volunteers was visiting the pond in Patiko to see the developments of the project. The work done by the Dero Farmers Association was fantastic and the pond made with great expertise and care. The freshly caught fish (Link to the video) were offered for lunch to the Italian volunteers.
January 2014
Transfer of € 4400 from Peace Now to the Dero Farmers Association. This funding covers both the fish breeding project and the cost of HIV testing and distribution of medicines to children's intestinal worms in Patiko. 
February 2014
Construction of the excavation works of the second pond. 
June 2014
Start of fish breeding in the second pond (catfish). 
December 2014
Visit by a Peace Now volunteer to the ponds to document the progress of the work and to discuss with the members of the Dero Farmers Association on the future developments of the association's activities. 


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