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2008 - 2014 St Isidoro farm in Gulu: "Development actions after more than twenty years of war"

The context

North Uganda has been turned upside down by an internal conflict that lasted twenty years. This is why it is more backward than the rest of the country which has achieved good economic results and a reduction in poverty in recent years.

Most of the population that has been forced to take refuge in the various IDP camps has prevented it from working for more than twenty years.

This period of long inactivity has certainly made the recovery difficult:

People had psychological and physical trauma and young people who grew up during the war had no agricultural knowledge.

In the first few months of 2009, the number of families returning to their village grew steadily to reach 68% of the displaced population in camps (IDPs), but it is a people that has lost the basic knowledge of agriculture and has access to an extremely poor agricultural technology.




The present project proves to be particularly urgent and necessary after the latest statements supported by the FAO, which raise considerable concern regarding the food security of the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region.

At regional level there is a reduction in production due to the scarcity of seasonal rains that has lasted since 2007. In Uganda, production of the first harvesting season in 2009 is below average levels, and this is the fourth consecutive poor crop.

According to the FAO, "This situation reduces the ability of families to replenish food supplies and guarantee food security after years of migration due to civil wars. It is estimated that over one million people suffer from food insecurity. This figure could increase with the protraction of the dry season until mid-November ».

An agricultural and zootechnical investment will not only benefit the Ugandan economy but will also ensure an opportunity for redemption for young people. Over half of the population Acholi (majority ethnic group in the District of Gulu) is made up of young people and over 50% of them are not yet 18 years old. These are people who have lived since birth in a situation of conflict and in extremely precarious living conditions (many were born in displaced camps and many suffered directly the consequences and effects of the war). A frightening and emblematic fact: according to a source Unicef ​​(data December 2007) more than 25,000 children have been kidnapped by rebels since 1986. Despite all this, this generation raised in displaced camps has demonstrated a resilience to the challenges imposed by the unexpected conflict: this capacity represents the hope that it can contribute decisively to the reconstruction of the social fabric of the region. Enhancing the creativity and identity of young people through education and training is one of the objectives of the project.

The project therefore links fully with the Action Plan for Africa, adopted by the G8 and adopted in Italy by the programs for International Cooperation, which see Food Security and Education as priorities.



The project wants to make a contribution to food security and to strengthening the economy of Northern Uganda, through transversal actions. The intervention is spread over three large thematic areas: family farming and improvement of access to water, industrial agriculture, international volunteering and Eas.

Through this project we want to improve the living conditions of the North Ugandan population, guaranteeing them the achievement of agricultural and zootechnical skills that not only allow self-sufficiency, but also to enter the local market, thus contributing to a rebirth of the economy Ugandan after more than twenty years of war.

The help we want to bring to the beneficiary people and families, following the exploitation of a plot of land owned by the Archdiocese to date unused, is structured in: agricultural and zootechnical training, land and animal allocation, accompaniment through a constant agricultural and zootechnical advice, increase of mechanization of work and inclusion in the local market. The "Azienda Agricola" Project is not only limited to acting on the spot, but wants to ensure the involvement of young Italians, through meetings in schools and the promotion of an international volunteering program, thus contributing to raising awareness among young people and proposing their experiences. of growth both personal and professional.


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